Build a Plan to Make Your Ranch Profitable

Learn the 3 secrets to increasing profits for your ranch in this 8 hour online workshop.

Do you question the future of your family farm or ranch?

Ranching can be Profitable. Let us teach you how.

This 8 hour virtual workshop “3 Secrets for Increasing Profit” is part of the nationally acclaimed Ranching for Profit program. 

This workshop will be part of the Cattleman U Live event in Bozeman, Montana on July 23rd.

But we are offering a special opportunity to attend virtually!

Who is this workshop for?

 This virtual option to attend the live workshop is designed for farmers, ranchers, and beef producers who can’t get away from their to-do list for a conference. You recognize your business must be profitable, but how do you step away from the daily need-to-be-dones to take stock of your operation’s situation? 

Attending virtually means you get to listen along in real time, ask questions, and get a recording to re-visit later, whenever it makes sense for you.

Don’t let your business’s profitability be left to chance while you’re head down in the day-to-day tasks.

In this virtual workshop you will …


  • See if your ranch is really a business or just a low-paying, physically-demanding job.

  • Learn the difference between economics and finance and why economics always comes first.

  • Discover the only three things that any business can do to increase profit.

  • Use the RFP benchmarks to find out which one applies to your business right now.

“You will see your ranch through a new set of eyes. That’s  powerful. That’s how all meaningful change begins.”

–Dave Pratt, Ranch Management Consultant

How does the virtual workshop work?


Sign up for the workshop and we’ll send you a link where you can tune in online on July 23rd! 


Watch the workshop online and ask questions in the chat box for our moderators to ask in real time at the event! It’s like being there….without the hotel and travel costs!


After the workshop, we’ll send you the recording so you can revisit the concepts on your own time and figure out how you want to implement them!

What Ranching for Profit Workshop Attendees are saying…

“I got way more than just a magic bullet” – John Locke

“It was so much more than I ever expected and has really laid the foundation to create a profitable, sustainable business.” – 2020 RFP Alumni

“Game changer! I don’t know why we didn’t go sooner.” – 2020 RFP Alumni

“Outstanding. The instructors managed to take a huge variety of experience levels and make it work for everyone.” – Jim Lusk

Transform your ranch from a

pile of assets

and a collection of jobs

into a BUSINESS!

The most affordable way to attend Ranching for Profit training

Thinking about attending the full Ranching for Profit school?

This workshop lets you do a test-run and see if it’s a good fit for you – all from

the comfort of your home without the hassle of travel.  


8 full hours of training from Ranching for Profit instructors


Opportunity to engage with presenters in real-time online


Unlimited access to the entire recorded workshop


Experience the growth members of the Cattleman U Community achieve


Test drive the Ranching for Profit formulas in your own operation


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This virtual workshop is brought

to you by Cattleman U

When my brother returned to the ranch to work, he lost the time and opportunity to continue his education. Chores, kids and management responsibilities prevented him from going to conferences or even local cattlemen’s meetings. At a time when he needed support and education to do his job well, he didn’t have either one.

That’s why I created Cattleman U.

Because too many farm and ranch families enter the operation, or start their own, and lose the opportunity to learn, grow and network with others. You need access to the latest tips and strategies to make your operation profitable. And more importantly, you need to surround yourself with like-minded producers to learn from and find accountability. 

Cattleman U gives you both.

Now you have the ability to learn from industry experts and make friends with fellow cattlemen and women from across the country.

Watch the video below to see what it’s like to be a Cattleman U member 


Get on the waitlist and get notified the next time Cattleman U opens its doors to new members! 


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