Cattleman U FAQs

What are some of the benefits to joining this group?

As a member, you can ask any question, literally any question, that you’ve been pondering about raising cattle, marketing calves, and anything in between without feeling like you will be judged for not knowing. Because our community is dedicated to growth, we recognize that everyone has to start somewhere and there is no shame in looking for new answers to age old questions. The trainings in Cattleman U are designed to provoke thought about what could be better in your own operation and give you the tools you need to make informed decisions. This group loves to learn, but more importantly, they also love to DO. If you like to be proactive about where your operation is headed, then you will benefit from being in Cattleman U.

Are the trainings/presentations live?

No, presentations are pre-recorded so you can view them anytime, anywhere. You can even pause, rewind and fast forward during viewing so you have complete control!

I don’t have time to watch videos, can I still access the trainings?

Yes! New this year we are offering audio versions of each training in addition to video! Listen on your phone, computer or tablet. the audio versions are downloadable so they can be accessed without wifi.

How often do new videos release?

Each month, we will release a new set of videos covering a different topic. You will have access to the videos for the duration of the program.

I don’t live in Montana, will I benefit from this program?

Absolutely! While a bulk of our members and presenters come from the western states, we have a number of experts from the Midwest and Southeast that will provide applicable and educational content for your operation. Cattleman U members are all across the country, so you’re sure to find someone who lives nearby!

Do I have to own cattle to be a Cattleman U member?

Not at all! Cattleman U offers a diverse set of trainings for members whether you own cows or not. You will learn about beef production, business strategies, forage management, marketing tactics and more. Whether you’re just starting out, are an experienced producer or just like learning about beef production, Cattleman U offers applicable and educational content for every level of experience.

Will Cattleman U be offered again this year?

Cattleman U registration will close at midnight MST on Sunday, June 6th and won’t open again for at least 6 months.

Is there a payment plan available for Cattleman U?

We offer a 3-payment plan for yearly members. There is no payment plan available for 6-month members.

I’m having issues with checkout, who do I contact?
Please send an email to info@cattlemanu.com with your name and contact information.
How long is Cattleman U registration available?

You can register for Cattleman U from 8am MST Tuesday, June 1st until midnight MST Sunday, June 6th

What is your refund policy for Cattleman U?

We believe in providing an abundance of value, education and opportunity to Cattleman U members through our video trainings, discounts and networking opportunities. If you complete the entire series of videos in June, along with the Facebook group discussion and Cattleman U Profit Panel Q/A, and are not completely satisfied with the content, training and community offered, you may request a refund within 30 days of signup. 

No refunds will be issued upon release of July video trainings.

I can’t afford Cattleman U, do you have another program option?

Don’t worry if Cattleman U is out of your budget right now. We will notify you of our next launch and we have all 31 video trainings from our previous 6 segments available in the KRose Company store. You can learn about Cattle Marketing, Managing Finances, Hedging & Futures Markets, Cattle Nutrition, Farm to Table Marketing, and Calving & Breeding Season. Click here to purchase.

What is included in the Cattleman U membership?

Cattleman U members get access to:

  • Over 70 video and audio trainings
  • Access to private Facebook group for networking 
  • Member discounts on marketing services and ranch supplies
  • Access to members-only classified section
  • Access to monthly Profit Panel Q/A calls with speakers 
  • Marketing advice from Karoline Rose
  • Discount Cattleman U Live tickets
  • Cattleman U swag
  • Cattleman U workbook for each segment
Who hosts cattleman U?
Cattleman U is hosted by KRose Company. Our passion for livestock and the families behind their operations continue to inspire our own training and education in the marketing world. If you’re looking for industry-specific marketing services from someone who knows the industry—we’re here to help.

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Event Questions

Is Cattleman U Live the same as Cattleman U?

No, Cattleman U Live is an additional opportunity for Cattleman U members to get hands-on training and education from some of the leading experts in business strategies, beef production and marketing. The event will be held live in the Bozeman, MT area July 22nd-25th.

What is your refund policy for Cattleman U Live?

If you’re unable to attend Cattleman U Live, you can return your ticket for a 50% refund by June 20th or transfer it to another Cattleman U member by July 20th. 

No refunds or transfers will be accepted after July 20th. Contact info@cattlemanu.com to request a refund or transfer. Please include the recipient’s name for transfer.

Can I bring a friend to Cattleman U Live?

Yes, you can purchase 1 additional ticket for Cattleman U Live at the member price point.


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