Cattleman U is an educational platform that promotes growth, expert knowledge and producer improvement. 

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Do you question the future of your family farm or ranch?

Are you looking for ways to keep family tradition while pursuing new ideas?

As a young person in agriculture, it’s a balancing act to respect the generations that built your operation while challenging the status quo of “we’ve always done it this way”.

Education is vital to your ability to carry on the family legacy. 

The truth is, no one ever wins by staying the same. Success is a combination of building on the past and anticipating the future. 

Now’s your chance to succeed with Cattleman U.

Before I tell you about the program, I want to tell you who it’s for.

Cattleman U is for farmers, ranchers, beef producers, cowboys, and cowgirls who are hungry for learning, community and personal development. It’s for first or next generation ranchers who are excited about combining tradition with technology and networking with others who share the same mission and goals.

What You’ll Learn:

Cattleman U provides you with video and audio trainings, community support and business discounts to help you succeed in your farming or ranching operation.


“I have been nothing but impressed with this program. I can learn when I have time and the information has been well-rounded, practical, and useful. The ranching industry has changed so much in my lifetime, one will never be successful if they don’t try to benefit from knowledge and change. I give it a two thumbs up!”



So far I have found this to be an excellent resource. I grew up a town kid, dreaming of restarting the farm and raising cattle. I am now starting to make that a reality. There are a ton of classes and information out there for raising crops. But very little on the ins and outs of cattle and the cattle market. I have been searching for a program like this for years and I am excited to learn and help my operation as I move forward.


How to increase revenue on your operation.

Management techniques to improve cowherd efficiency.

Marketing strategies for seed stock, commercial and direct beef operations.

How to improve employee and family communication and interaction.

What you need to protect your farm or ranch against liability and tragic events.

The Cattleman U Story

When my brother returned to the ranch to work, he lost the time and opportunity to continue his education. Chores, kids and management responsibilities prevented him from going to conferences or even local cattlemen’s meetings. At a time when he needed support and education to do his job well, he didn’t have either one.

That’s why I created Cattleman U.

Because too many farm and ranch families enter the operation, or start their own, and lose the opportunity to learn, grow and network with others. You need access to the latest tips and strategies to make your operation profitable. And more importantly, you need to surround yourself with like-minded producers to learn from and find accountability. 

Cattleman U gives you both.

Now you have the ability to learn from industry experts and make friends with fellow cattlemen and women from across the country.

Watch the video below to see what it’s like to be a Cattleman U member 

What’s Stopping You From Joining?

“I don’t have time for a year-long course.”

A mentor once told me the best investment I could ever make was in myself. And everytime I invest time and money in my personal development, I get a substantial return. Cattleman U is designed for the hard-working farmer or rancher who doesn’t have time to attend a conference or sit through a dinner meeting. Every training is less than 1 hour and is available in video or audio format so you can watch or listen whenever you want, as often as you want. 

“But I don’t own cattle yet”

It doesn’t matter if you are a 4th-generation rancher or you’re just starting out, Cattleman U has something for EVERYONE! Cattleman U is a community for us all to learn and there is no such thing as a stupid question. The presentations you’ll find inside Cattleman U provide real world knowledge that will be applicable whether you’re planning your dream ranch or looking for adjustments you can make in your day-to-day on your operation.

“Cattleman U is too expensive”

I know membership to Cattleman U isn’t cheap. But neither is education from industry experts and community support from like-minded individuals. We’ve assembled more speakers than you’ll find at any conference to cover the most pressing topics in the industry and gathered hundreds of producers in our online community to help support each other on their farming and ranching journey. Cattleman U will help you save money, make money and manage money.

“I don’t get much out of online courses”

Online courses have a tendency to leave you full of knowledge and low on implementation. That’s why Cattleman U is a community, not a course. Our members-only Facebook group allows you to discuss new ideas with other members. The Profit Panel Q/A gives you personal access to our speakers for further insight. We know ongoing support is key to helping you succeed. At Cattleman U, you won’t just learn what to do, you’ll discover how to do it!


 Get access for an entire year to industry experts, networking opportunities and other program perks!



New video trainings with new topics each month. Providing the latest information on beef production, ranch management, business, marketing and more. Access trainings in the library anytime, anywhere. 


Access to members-only Facebook group. Discuss the topics, learn from other operations and meet fellow producers from across the country.

Member Discounts

Get discounts to KRose services, livestock, and farm supply purchases for your farm or ranch.


Members-only classified section where you can buy and sell cattle, hay or equipment, and list your business services.


Cattleman U is an educational platform that promotes growth, expert knowledge and producer improvement. 

The Cattleman U Guarantee

No talking over anyone’s head, no shaming for lack of experience, just cattlemen committed to learning together.

Click Below to see Upcoming Cattleman U Segments

Expand each section to see the featured speakers!


Forage and Pasture Management

Betsy & Roger Indreland – Indreland Ranch

Grazing Management

Mark Green – Retired NRCS

Grazing Management

Selma Mascaro – NRCS

Cost Share Programs

Jeffrey Jackson – CROPLAN by Winfield United

Legume & Alfalfa Management

Gerold Stephens – Farmers Business Network

Pasture Rangeland Forage Insurance

Dr. Pat Keyser – University of Tennessee

Warm Season Grass Management

David Kraft – Kansas Grazing Lands Coalition

Rangeland Grazing Management

Don Moody – Farmers Business Network

Pasture Rangeland Forage Insurance

Ag Policy & Business Development

Rachel Kagay – Rachel Kagay Coaching & Consulting

HR & Leadership

Wesley Tucker – MU Extension

Transition Planning

Brent Haden – Law Firm of Haden & Colbert

Agriculture Legal Entities

Connie Haden – Law Firm of Haden & Colbert

Estate Planning

Kaitlynn Glover-Public Lands Council

Policies for grazing public lands

Ethan Lane-NCBA

Current legislative issues

Seedstock and Commercial Marketing Techniques

Chip Kemp – ASA

Commercial Calf Marketing

Corey Wilkens – Allied Genetic Resources

Setting Yourself Apart in Seedstock Marketing

Jeff Kaprelian – Kapco Futures

Margin Focused Cattle Marketing

Karoline Rose

Marketing Your Cattle

Callahan Grund – U.S. Cattle Trace


Gerold Stephens-Farmers Business Network

LRP Insurance

Farm to Table and Consumer Marketing

Rockael Stubblefield – Brush Creek Valley Farm

Subscription models

Janelle Maiocco – Barn2Door

The Future of Sale Barns? Selling Direct.

Karoline Rose

Social media marketing

Melissa Reed – Hildebrand Dairy

Food to Profit: How to build a successful Farm-to-Market business

Nancy Brown – Kansas Farm Bureau

Direct Sales: Where do I Start?

Luke Frantz – Graized

Direct Consumer Marketing

Jennifer Ward – Valley Oaks Meats

What Processors Need to Know

Katie Nixon – West Central Missouri Community Action Agency

Farm to Table Marketing – Getting Started to Start Thriving

Nutrition, Genetics and Breeding

Lee Jones – University of Georgia Extension

Ultrasounding and preg-checking

Luke Miller – Great Plains Livestock Consulting

How to Get More Cows Bred Back Quicker

Nick Hammett – Neogen

Genomics for Commercial Cattlemen

Ted Cunningham – C-Lock Inc.

Opportunities to use feed efficiency to improve genetic selection, bull development, and profitability

Cliff Lamb – Texas A&M University

Economics of Artificial Insemination (AI)

Dale Blasi – Kansas State University

Stocker nutrition

Business Strategies and Financial Management

Austin Black – Freedom Financial Coaching

Creating a budget

Riley & Laurel Kern – Tallgrass Estate Planning

Estate Planning

Marshall Klontz – Leavitt Group Northwest

Ranch Insurance

Brent Bryant – Hoop Beef Systems

Diversifying your operation

Kalena Bruce-Integrity Squared CPAs

Farm accounting strategies

Plus Bonus Content from Andy Junkin!

The worst thing that can happen to a family farming or ranching operation is turmoil within the family. When relationships get strained, buttons get pushed and succession gets lost amidst the conflict. Parents and children can’t communicate effectively, and siblings can’t agree on who is in charge.

The future of the family farm or ranch may be at risk unless you have a plan to overcome these challenges. Professional mediator and relationship manager Andy Junkin “helps stubborn farmers work together” by providing clear and practical steps to overcome issues that arise at the dinner table.

In his 6-video series, Andy walks you through simple, effective and applicable discussions you can have with your family to keep order, harmony, and success within your family operation.

Topics include:

  • How to address problems before they become issues
  • Strategies for creating long-term accountability
  • How to develop effective and open communication methods
  • How to define your business goals and objectives
  • Keys to achieving work-life balance
  • Tips for transitioning management to next generation

Access this entire series for FREE with your Cattleman U membership and

“Improve the odds of your family successfully farming together in 2040”

Is Cattleman U really worth the price tag?


More than 70 video trainings from cattle experts on topics that are relevant RIGHT NOW

$6,997 Value!


Live Q & A Profit Panels with speakers for the answers you need

$3,000 Value!


Discounts on Cattleman U LIVE tickets

$997 Value!


Customizable templates and resources that make the business side of things manageable

$497 Value!


Savings and discounts on industry services

$335 Value!


Facebook Community of like minded beef producers

$297 Value!


Swag and segment workbooks 

$197 Value!


Savings on travel and hotels for in person conferences


Anytime access for on-the-go or stop-and-rewind in depth learning

Cattleman U Yearly Value: $12,320


Price Discounted for Early Members!


Get on the waitlist and get notified the next time Cattleman U opens its doors to new members! 



Are the trainings/presentations live?

The trainings and presentations that go along with each segment are not live. They are previously recorded by industry experts for the Cattleman U community so you can watch them anytime, anywhere, and have the freedom to fast forward, rewind, and pause as needed.

Can the trainings/videos be viewed at any time?

The trainings and presentations that go along with each segment can be viewed at ANY TIME! They will be recorded presentations from the industry experts so you don’t have to worry about keeping a schedule, and you can watch them at your convenience. If you are a yearly member, you will be able to watch the trainings from EVERY segment, not just the current one.

How often do the trainings occur?

New trainings and presentations ready for you to watch each month! There is no need to wait!

Will I get the same out of Cattleman U as a local producer in Montana?

The tools, resources, and information that you get from Cattleman U is up to you! Cattleman U is for everyone that wants to learn more about different marketing strategies and operating a successful farm or ranch! The featured speakers are from all over the U.S. and focus on sharing knowledge that can be applied to any producer – but are always able to answer specific questions as well.

Will I fit in Cattleman U if I don't own cattle yet?

It doesn’t matter if you are a 4th-generation rancher or you’re just starting out, Cattleman U has something for EVERYONE! Cattleman U is a community for us all to learn and there is no such thing as a stupid question. The presentations you’ll find inside Cattleman U provide real world knowledge that will be applicable whether you’re planning your dream ranch or looking for adjustments you can make in your day-to-day on your operation.

What is Cattleman U live?

Cattleman U Live is a 4 day event held in Bozeman, MT. It will include tours, seminars, speakers and more!

How long do I have access to the content?

For our 6 month members, you can access the content whenever, as many times as you need, during your 6 month membership. Yearly members have 24/7 access all year. 

Can you fit this course into your life?

Cattleman U members can access content for the duration of their membership whenever you have time, as many times as you need. Our program is flexible enough to fit into your schedule, whatever that may be. 

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