Education and community for today’s cattle producer.

Does traveling to conferences overwhelm and exhaust you?

Are you too busy to leave the ranch for more than a day?

Successful cattlemen have a secret…they are always open to learning and implementing new ideas. But too many cattlemen don’t have the time or money to attend a conference and network every single month.


Cattleman U is an educational platform that promotes growth, expert knowledge and producer improvement. 


Watch new segments each month from leading industry experts on beef production, marketing, Business strategies and more.


Network through Facebook group and meet producers from across the nation. Join the conversation and exchange ideas with new friends!


Apply new tips and practices to improve your operation.


Cattleman U is an online community of beef producers, ranchers, beginning farmers, cowboys, and cowgirls who want to learn about agriculture marketing strategies, successful farm and ranch practices, the futures markets and more!


Get access to new trainings from industry experts each month and network with members from across the nation. Cattleman U is designed for anyone who is hungry for knowledge, wants to start their own operation or is just looking to diversify their current business.

What Others Say…


“I have been nothing but impressed with this program. I can learn when I have time and the information has been well-rounded, practical, and useful. The ranching industry has changed so much in my lifetime, one will never be successful if they don’t try to benefit from knowledge and change. I give it a two thumbs up!”



So far I have found this to be an excellent resource. I grew up a town kid, dreaming of restarting the farm and raising cattle. I am now starting to make that a reality. There are a ton of classes and information out there for raising crops. But very little on the ins and outs of cattle and the cattle market. I have been searching for a program like this for years and I am excited to learn and help my operation as I move forward.



Get access for an entire year to industry experts, networking opportunities and other program perks!


Over 70 video trainings with new segments each month. Providing the latest information on beef production, ranch management, business, marketing and more. Access trainings in the library anytime, anywhere. 


Access to members-only Facebook group. Discuss the topics, learn from other operations and meet fellow producers from across the country.

Member Discounts

Get discounts to KRose services, livestock, and farm supply purchases for your farm or ranch.


Members-only classified section where you can buy and sell cattle, hay or equipment, and list your business services.


Discount Cattleman U Live Event Tickets

Free Access to Cattleman U Profit Panels (Live Q/A Sessions)

Karoline’s Cattle Marketing Expertise

Cattleman U Workbook for Each Segment

Plus Really Cool Swag!!


Forage and Pasture Management

Betsy & Roger Indreland – Grazing Management – Indreland Ranch               

Gerold Stephens – Rain Insurance

Mark Green – Grazing Management – NRCS


Selma Mascaro – Cost Share Programs

Ag Policy & Business Development

Brent & Connie Haden Legal Entities

 – Haden & Colbert


Rachel Kagay – HR & Leadership – Rachel Kagay Coaching & Consulting



Wesley Tucker – Transition Planning – MU Extension

Mitigating Liability

Current Legislative Issues for Ranchers

Seedstock and Commercial Marketing Techniques

Chip Kemp – Commercial Calf Marketing – ASA


Corey Wilkens – Seedstock Marketing – Allied Genetic Resources





Jeff Kaprelian – Hedging & Futures Markets – Kapco Futures



 Karoline Rose – Marketing Your Cattle




Farm to Table and Consumer Marketing

Matt & Rockael Stubblefield – Subscription Models – Brush Creek Valley Farm





Janelle Maiocco – Barn2Door – E-Commer Strategies


Karoline Rose – Social Media Marketing


Hildebrand Dairy – Branding & Grocery Store Distribution

Nutrition, Genetics and Breeding

Lee Jones – Ultrasounding & Preg Checking – University of Georgia Extension


Luke Miller – Nutrition & Rations – Great Plains Livestock Consulting


Nick Hammett – Genetic Testing for Commercial Cattle – Neogen


Ted Cunningham – Feed Efficiency – C-Lock Inc.

Bull Development

Business Strategies and Financial Management

Bob Klontz – Ranch Insurance





Josh Linton – Estate Planning – Tallgrass Estate Planning


Austin Black – Creating a Budget – Freedom Financial Coaching

Get a taste for Cattleman U videos


No talking over anyone’s head, no shaming for lack of experience,
just cattlemen committed to learning together.

Countdown to Cattleman U Launch!









Get on the waitlist and get notified the next time Cattleman U opens its doors to new members! 


Cattleman U will be open to new members in June 2021. Don’t miss this opportunity to invest in your business with applicable trainings from industry experts at prices you won’t see anywhere else!


Are the trainings/presentations live?

The trainings and presentations that go along with each segment are not live. They are previously recorded by industry experts for the Cattleman U community so you can watch them anytime, anywhere, and have the freedom to fast forward, rewind, and pause as needed.

Can the trainings/videos be viewed at any time?

The trainings and presentations that go along with each segment can be viewed at ANY TIME! They will be recorded presentations from the industry experts so you don’t have to worry about keeping a schedule, and you can watch them at your convenience. If you are a yearly member, you will be able to watch the trainings from EVERY segment, not just the current one.

How often do the trainings occur?

New trainings and presentations ready for you to watch each month! There is no need to wait!

Will I get the same out of Cattleman U as a local producer in Montana?

The tools, resources, and information that you get from Cattleman U is up to you! Cattleman U is for everyone that wants to learn more about different marketing strategies and operating a successful farm or ranch! The featured speakers are from all over the U.S. and focus on sharing knowledge that can be applied to any producer – but are always able to answer specific questions as well.

Will I fit in Cattleman U if I don't own cattle yet?

It doesn’t matter if you are a 4th-generation rancher or you’re just starting out, Cattleman U has something for EVERYONE! Cattleman U is a community for us all to learn and there is no such thing as a stupid question. The presentations you’ll find inside Cattleman U provide real world knowledge that will be applicable whether you’re planning your dream ranch or looking for adjustments you can make in your day-to-day on your operation.

What is Cattleman U live?

Cattleman U Live is a 4 day event held in Bozeman, MT. It will include tours, seminars, speakers and more!

How long do I have access to the content?

For our 6 month members, you can access the content whenever, as many times as you need, during your 6 month membership. Yearly members have 24/7 access all year. 

Can you fit this course into your life?

Cattleman U members can access content for the duration of their membership whenever you have time, as many times as you need. Our program is flexible enough to fit into your schedule, whatever that may be. 

Questions? Please Reach Out!

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