Ready to have more control over

the price your cattle go for?

This video course gives you the need-to-know strategies for marketing on the board, broken down for beginner and novice buyers and sellers in real-life scenarios.

Are you ready to increase the profitability of your operation?

Successful cattlemen have a secret…they are always open to learning and implementing new ideas. 

Ranching in the current market requires shrewd business skills and the willingness to try new things.

At Cattleman U Live, you’ll learn the latest techniques and trends in beef production

that improve your bottom line. Plus you get to interact and learn alongside

some of the best beef producers in the country!

Join us in Montana for 4 days of interactive learning, networking and sight-seeing!

This event is designed for ANY cattleman who wants to grow – membership in our online program is not required.

Limited Tickets Available

Cattleman U Live is the only conference where you will experience live demos, hands-on tours, and keynotes from cattlemen putting these principles to work on their own ranches.

Interactive Workshops

Learn first hand from ranchers who have invested in new ideas and implement these practices at home.

Live Demos

Not a book learner? Neither are we. That’s why we are making space of on site live demos in low stress cattle handling, stock dogs, and more!

Industry Tours

Get a behind the scenes look at successful operations in the cattle and beef industry, plus access to ask all of your questions!

This event is designed for ANY cattleman who wants to grow – membership in our online program is not required.

Thank You To Our Partners


Cattleman U LIVE was developed as an in-person training and networking opportunity for beef producers.

Cattleman U is an online community of beef producers, ranchers, beginning farmers, cowboys, and cowgirls who want to learn about agriculture marketing strategies, successful farm and ranch practices, the futures markets and more!

Cattleman U is designed for anyone who is hungry for knowledge, wants to start their own operation or is just looking to diversify their current business.

This event is designed for ANY cattleman who wants to grow – membership in our online program is not required. 

What Others Say…


“I have been nothing but impressed with the Cattleman U program. The ranching industry has changed so much in my lifetime, one will never be successful if they don’t try to benefit from knowledge and change. I give it a two thumbs up!”





So far I have found this to be an excellent resource. I grew up a town kid, dreaming of restarting the farm and raising cattle. I am now starting to make that a reality. There are a ton of classes and information out there for raising crops. But very little on the ins and outs of cattle and the cattle market. I have been searching for a program like this for years and I am excited to learn and help my operation as I move forward.


– Experience First Hand –

Full Day Ranching for Profit Workshop (virtual tickets available)

On Site Tours at Trailblazing Operations

Breakout Sessions on Cattle Marketing

Live Demos & Hands on Training

Networking with Cattlemen Across the Country


Thursday, July 22 – Discover New Ideas

Sessions from Trailblazing Cattlemen and women

Luke Kovarik

Heifer Development – Kovarik Cattle Company

Shelby Shaw

NILE Merit Heifer Program

Paul Martin & Michael Carroll

Specialty Livestock Ingredients – Imogene Ingredients

Les Rispens

FSA Programs – UDSA Farm Service Agency

John Youngberg

Montana Farm Bureau

Mackenzie Johnston

Current cattle market dynamics, struggles and challenges experienced by producers- Wild Rose Productions & RFD-TV

Friday, July 23 – Plan for the Future

Full Day Workshop with Ranching for Profit

“Three Secrets to Increased Profit”

(virtual tickets available)

Most ranch jobs (whether it’s owner, manager, or hired hand) don’t come with a job description – and if they do, it probably isn’t accurate. This workshop will look at conventional ranching’s profitability, help you analyze your own situation, and identify opportunities to work ON the business instead of in it so you can be profitable.

You’ll walk away with:

  • Simple strategies to reduce your workload and increase profit.

  • Ways to take full advantage of your ranch’s “profit drivers.”

  • A plan to improve the financial health of your ranch.


The Ranching for Profit School will help you to find the breakthroughs that will improve the health and productivity of your ranch, the profitability of your business and the quality of your life. Through the program you can learn how to increase your profit, improve your management, improve the health of your herd and land and position your ranch to thrive for generations to come. They are ready to teach you how to make your ranch more profitable.

Saturday, July 24 -Tour Industry Leading Operations

Amsterdam Meats

Established in 1949, Amsterdam Meats has become the premiere meat processor in Southwest Montana. Entirely family owned, Amsterdam Meats is a complete farm-to-table operation, supplying beef from Feddes Family Meats and servicing customers across Montana.


Trans Ova Genetics Headquarters at Churchill Cattle Company

One of the most elite Hereford breeders in the country, Churchhill Cattle Company prides itself on producing top end genetics for beef production worldwide. The Trans Ova facility at Churchhill provides cutting edge embryo transfer and invitro fertilization services to breeders across the state.

Lunch and Speakers at Gallatin County Malt Co.  

This farmer-owned craft malt house is a local favorite and their commitment to their product is one we can all glean from. We’ll enjoy lunch and conversation at this stop, plus hear from more trailblazing speakers in the industry with expert guidance for your operation.

Mike Holley

Producer & Feedlot Experiences

Danielle Peterson

Lifestyle Production Specialist – Purina Animal Nutrition

Dr. Randie Culbertson

American Simmental Association

Dr. Patterson

MultiMin USA

Matt Arendt

Cattle Marketing – Catching Up with the Cattle Market

Sitz Angus Ranch  

The legendary Sitz Angus Ranch is home to some of the most notable sires and dams in the Angus breed. Jim Sitz will share insight around the ranch’s breeding program and management philosophy.



Sunday, July 25 – Apply Hands On Learning

John Rose Stock Dog Demonstration

Award winning stock dog handler John Rose shows the benefits of working cattle with dogs and explains how to quickly, safely and efficiently move cattle.


John Rose is owner and manager of Rose Cattle Company. He grew up in Jerome, Idaho on a pure bred ranch. This is where his love for cattle and the industry started. John is a graduate of Cal Poly University with a degree in animal science. He moved to Three Forks, MT where he started Rose Cattle Company. John has a great eye for cattle and always strives to buy the best of the best. His buyers and sellers have become his friends over the past few years and he looks forward to working with you in the future. In his spare time (which is very limited) he spends time watching his children in their activities and working his stock dogs.

Curt Pate Low-stress Cattle Handling demonstration

Internationally-renowned stockman Curt Pate helps cattle producers understand how animals think and what handling methods provide the best experience both cow and handler both.


For more than a decade, Curt Pate has been conducting demonstrations and clinics on stockmanship, colt starting, horsemanship and safety. His abilities conducting both horsemanship and stockmanship demonstrations along with his ability as an effective communicator have made him a sought after clinician both on the national and international scene. His personal experience incorporating effective stockmanship principles supports a “for profit” mindset and focuses on highlighting the increased economic benefits of handling stock correctly. In addition, Curt recognizes the growing public scrutiny surrounding livestock production and the impact that improved livestock handling practices create for the sustainability of the cattle industry.

Keeping It Real Along the Way with our Emcees

Jeff "Tigger" Erhardt - Host of the Ranch It Up Show

Tigger grew up on a commercial cow/calf operation, and has been in the cattle business every day of his life. He’ll be our constant companion at Cattleman U Live providing insight and entertainment throughout the event!

Rebecca "Bec" Wanner - Agriculture Advoate & Host of "The Bend"

Rebecca “Bec” Wanner may best be described as an Agriculture Advocate. She was ranch raised, the oldest child and only girl, on her family’s large cow-calf commercial cattle ranch, the Knife River Ranch. Bec will be along to help us work to be great advocates for our operations & the ag industry!

“If you want to network with progressive-minded beef producers, Cattleman U Live is the event you can’t afford to miss. It’s going to be an exclusive opportunity to get up close and personal with the best minds in the beef business.”

  The clinician, workshop, and one of a kind tours presented at this event exceed $3500 in value!

All meals are included in ticket price – and we will eat WELL!

Beef is what’s for dinner!

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This event is for ANY cattleman who wants to grow. Membership in our online program is not required.

Lodging and Travel


Reservations can be made at the Best Western GranTree Hotel or Bozeman Days Inn & Suites. Rooms will be available through our reserved block on a first-come, first-serve basis. 

Best Western GranTree Hotel
1325 N 7th Ave, Bozeman

Mention Cattleman U to receive your discounted rate

Bozeman Days Inn & Suites
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We recommend flying into The Bozeman Yellowstone International Airport


No talking over anyone’s head, no shaming for lack of experience,
just cattlemen committed to learning together.

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